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Welcome to Weston Real Estate within Broward County Florida. Immediately view Weston homes for sale within individual communities by choosing your desired neighborhood below or search all Weston homes. Whether you are looking for single family homes, townhomes, condos, villas, or coachhomes within gated or non-gated communities this city certainly has what you are looking for. Close to all that South Florida has to offer and beautiful South Florida Beaches.

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Weston real estate is located in the most western part of Broward County Florida. As it is in this geographical location, part of the boundary is as unique as one could hope. The entire western perimeter is bordered by the Everglades. The city of Weston is a completely planned community and therefore is very user friendly for residents and businesses alike. This thoughtful planning has earned Weston, Florida some high accolades by various entities. Weston Real Estate has been ranked, nationally, for its job growth, affordability, earning potential and as one of the best places to live in America. These recognitions have made Weston homes for sale quite popular as has the well laid out development of the city. To add to these factors, this city also has some top rated schools, a well established economy and plenty of extracurricular activities to support the sense of well being found in and around this Florida city.The school system that provides services to residents of Weston real estate is Broward County public schools. Each and every school has earned the highest level of achievement, based on academic performance, possible form the state department of education. This is impressive within itself. However, the schools go far beyond academic achievements. These schools amidst Weston homes for sale and properties pride themselves on their devotion to developing students in all aspects of life so they may be productive citizens in a globally connected world. The public schools are matched in success by the private sector. There are multiple choices within this city in Florida with these private schools.

  • Crossroads Christian Academy
  • Sagemont Lower School at Weston
  • Sagemont Upper School at Weston
  • Three Village Montessori School
  • Christian Academy

There are also pathways available that lead to higher educational pursuits.

  • University of Miami School of Continuing Studies
  • American Intercontinental University

Of course these places of learning, whether they be public, private or higher education, all contribute to the economy of this cities Real Estate. Jobs are created and a future workforce is being prepared. The economical support also stems form other sources as well. The diversity of the economy is one of its greatest assets. Fortune 500 companies, retail spaces, warehouses, small businesses and an array of other contributors help keep the diversity and stability of this cities economy thriving. World class health-care is another contributor as well as a benefit to residents of Weston real estate. there is a sound vision of future endeavors to help maintain growth and development within the city.

With top rated schools and a strong economy there should be a sense of comfort found among Weston homes for sale. This is true and with the complementary recreational activities the serenity is even more pronounced. The environmental friendly city has numerous outdoor activities. These include the plentiful parks with a cornucopia of amenities. The social infrastructure is highlighted by a full range of dining and entertainment venues. The aesthetics of the community is very pleasing to the eye. Annual events and special occurrences also help unite the community and strengthen bonds between members.

When all is said and done Weston real estate is the right decision. Contact our real estate agents and Realtors for any assistance needed in helping you become a resident in one of the incredible Weston homes.