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Welcome to Pembroke Pines Real Estate within Broward County Florida. Immediately view Pembroke Pines homes for sale within individual communities by choosing your desired neighborhood below or search all Pembroke Pines homes. Whether you are looking for single family homes, townhomes, condos, or villas within gated or non-gated communities this city certainly has what you are looking for. Close to all that South Florida has to offer and beautiful South Florida Beaches.

Broward County Florida is home to Pembroke Pines, the second most populous city within the county. Pembroke Pines real estate is also part of the South Florida metropolitan area. This geographical fact lends many advantages to this city. Being within such close distance to such a large area provides a wealth of resources that might not otherwise be seen. However, this city has plenty of its own resources and has proven over time that where there is a will there is a way. Pembroke Pines real estate originally consisted of an area no greater than one square mile. The driving forces behind this Florida city have been and still are powerful.Pembroke Pines homes for sale is a highly sought after community and has been recognized by different agencies for its success in a wide array of achievements. It has received the All American City Award by the National Civic League, an outstanding achievement award by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Best Place to Raise Your Kids award by Florida and several other nominations and recognitions. This city is also a wonderful place of educational pursuits. The school system that provides services to owners and their families of Pembroke Pines real estate is essentially Broward County public schools. These schools have continually been honored with the highest awards from the Florida State Department of Education. These awards recognize the academic success produced in the school system. Also the commitment to the learners is obvious through the dedication displayed within the schools at any grade level. Pembroke Pines homes for sale are also fortunate enough to have the largest system of charter schools in Florida supplying a superior educational foundation and alternative to the public schools. There are also several choices for higher educational pursuits in Pembroke Pines.

  • The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Barry University
  • The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Florida International University
  • The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Broward College
  • Keiser University Pembroke Pines Campus

Pembroke Pines property and homes for sale are fulfilled through the recreational aspects and community centered activities. These are accommodating of most walks of life and cover a wide range for each. There is a long list of entertainment and dining venues from casual dining to five star facilities. Bars and night life spots are just as diverse. There are special events and annual festivals held amidst Pembroke Pines real estate. Music, theater and art defines the cultural side of this city with multiple places to display, study or discuss these areas of interest. There is also a focus on the different age spans with something for the youth, seniors and families of Pembroke Pines homes.

The city of Pembroke Pines Real Estate also has a commitment to positive growth. This is demonstrated in the careful planning and the economical stability. The forward thinking and realization that everyone benefits from the right choices makes this city’s vested interest in its residents something special.

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