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Ocean Ridge is a town that is a part of Palm Beach County, Florida. Ocean Ridge real estate is situated within the greater South Florida metropolitan area. The location of Ocean Ridge is a key factor in considering it as a permanent location when looking at housing in the state of Florida. With such a large and populated area there are resources available for everything and anything. The recreational activities that surround the city of Ocean Ridge are magnificent. Shopping comes in an array of stores form large chains to small boutiques and specialty shops. The dining experience is just as diverse with something for every taste in all kinds of settings. The amusement aspects range from all level of sporting events to annual festivals and special events. The arts and other cultural components are rich and cover the whole spectrum. Points of interest and historical sites are in an abundance.

Ocean Ridge real estate owners certainly have at their fingertips something in every walk of life. The benefits of living in this wonderful Florida city go beyond just the surrounding areas amenities. The economical stability and strength in the region are such to take note of. The diversity of the industries and businesses continue to grow. There exists large corporations, small businesses, service industries, health-care facilities, educational institutes and many others. This diversity makes for an excellent job market with plenty of opportunities for employment readily available to current and new residents.Transportation is easily accessible whether it be airports, international and private, seaports for trade and travel or the extensive network of roadways.

The education provided to owners and their families of Ocean Ridge real estate is top quality. The Palm Beach School District, the system that oversees Ocean Ridge public schools, is ranked as one of the best. The department of education in the state of Florida continually recognizes the academic achievements of this school district. There are also a wealth of higher education institutes surrounding Ocean Ridge. These allow for pursuits in many different fields. All of these educational facilities also are currently preparing the workforce and leaders of tomorrow.

The park system intertwined with Ocean Ridge real estate adds to a certain quality of life. The amenities of these parks are as follows:

  • Intracoastal Waterway access
  • marina with boat rentals available
  • playgrounds and pavilions with grilling areas
  • fishing
  • restrooms and parking

Ocean Ridge also has an extensive nature trail for use in exploring, watching, exercising and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the environment.

With all that Ocean Ridge properties have to offer it is a surprise that the city has remained small and secluded by choice. The tranquil atmosphere prevails due to the communities diligence in this endeavor.

The Ocean Ridge real estate market is highly sought after for the simple fact that it has remained in its unique form for so long. In order to make the most of your hunt contact us so we can put our expertise to work for you in finding the ideal property in this charming Florida town.