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Manalapan real estate is found in the greater South Florida metropolitan area. More specifically, it is part of Palm Beach County. If real estate is all about location, then the town of Manalapan is sure to get the attention it deserves. Being located within Palm Beach County adds a long list of advantages to owning a piece of Manalapan real estate. Palm Beach County is a valuable resource for Manalapan due to its extensive economic portfolio. The draw of Manalapan’s neighboring cities helps boost the draw for Manalapan. There are the exclusive coastal havens, equestrian centers and golfing meccas surrounding Manalapan real estate. In fact, palm Beach County is the wealthiest county in all of Florida. The central location also helps support the economy. There are numerous transportation hubs for air, water, and land travel. State-wide incentives and idealistic weather along with the population growth attract industries and businesses world wide. Major company headquarters surround Manalapan. With all the attractions the tourism and service industries are also key components to Manalapan and surrounding areas.

The tourism industry also demonstrates the fabulous leisure opportunities in and around Manalapan real estate. The pristine beaches, incredible sunrises and waterways allow any resident to soak in the relaxation and tranquil setting. There are also a plethora of historical sites, green spaces, amusement parks, dinning experiences and shopping centers to satisfy any walk of life.

Of course within the city limits of Manalapan are a long list of reasons to take up residency. Manalapan is a charming and quaint town that has maintained its presence amidst the populated area it is a part of. Manalapan houses fewer than five hundred residents year round. The unique quality of this Florida town is its ability to remain small while still developing as a thriving community. The exception to the small town living are two local businesses that exceed spectacular. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the Plaza del Mar are both spectacular in their fields as a luxurious hotel and a stupendous shopping center. The La Coquille Club is another added benefit to owning Manalapan real estate. Residents are given the same treatment as guests of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel since the club is on the same site.

The Manalapan real estate market is just as unique as the town itself. The options are extremely varied and offer a wide array of choices in pricing, style and location.

  • multi-million dollar estates spanning distances from oceanfront to intercoastal waterways
  • spectacular mansions with all the luxuries expected in waterfront properties
  • condominiums and townhouses with all the amenities plus beautiful panoramic views
  • exclusive homes with all modern comforts of living include

Manalapan real estate does have quite a unique mix of properties. However, it compliments the town of Manalapan very well. In order to get the most out of your searching the housing market you need the expertise of our staff to assist you. Our knowledge of the area is deep and we understand all that goes into buying or selling a home in this unique market. Contact us today so we can get started on making your ideal house become a reality.