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Welcome to Lighthouse Point Real Estate within Broward County Florida. Immediately view Lighthouse point homes and condos for sale within individual communities by choosing your desired neighborhood below or search all Lighthouse Point homes for sale. Whether you are looking for single family homes, townhomes, condos, or villas this city certainly has what you are looking for. Close to all that South Florida has to offer and fantastic South Florida Beaches.

Broward County is the second most populated county in Florida. Within the United States it is the sixteenth most populated county. Broward County, accompanied by Miami-Dade and Palm Beach, make up the South Florida metropolitan area. There is a lot of advantages to living in a county that has so much to offer. In addition, the quality of life in Broward County exceeds that of most. These are all reasons why Lighthouse Point, Florida is an excellent choice when considering real estate and Lighthouse Point real estate agents in Florida. Beyond what Broward County has to offer the city of  Lighthouse Point real estate also have quite a bit to offer in the quality of life category.

Lighthouse Point homes for sale received its name from the famous and historical Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. The city shares its borders with some other quality cities making Lighthouse Point real estate an even more sound investment. The surrounding cities include Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and Hillsboro Beach. The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway also acts as a border for this area. The waterway adds, in another manner, to the recreational aspects.

With easy access to the waterway, activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, sailing and many others become that more readily available. The waterway is not the only means of recreation either. There is a newly remodeled library with all the latest technologies, meeting spaces and a plethora of other items for the residents of Lighthouse Point real estate to use. There are parks such as DeGroff Park and Playground 2007 along with others that offer plenty of amenities for the community at large. There are point of historical interest in the city limits too with some of them on Florida’s National Register of Historic Places.

The leisurely lifestyle of Lighthouse Point is another attraction for many residents. The multi-use paths and ample sidewalks offer walkers and cyclists a means for commuting throughout the small tranquil town. And the assurance that the town will not be annexed or expanded comes easily to the owners of Lighthouse Point real estate. The city does a fine job of establishing themselves as an independent entity with civil services provided and maintains close connections created with larger agencies in the county and state. Future expansion is non-negotiable since almost all of Lighthouse Point real estate is developed with no room for further developments.

The Lighthouse Point homes for sale that is available is a high commodity since there is no new construction. Eighty percent of this market is single family homes and over ninety percent of the lots are built upon. Lighthouse Point properties and listings do offer some choices. Whether the setting consists of quiet well established neighborhoods or waterfront homes enjoying the panoramic views of the waterway the homes are mostly in the upper medium to top price spectrum.

Lighthouse Point real estate is a wise decision and one that will pay dividends, in the quality of living, for the extended future. Contact us today so we can help you get started and locate the house that will become your home in Lighthouse Point Florida.