FSBO For Sale By Owner

FSBOFSBO For Sale by Owner:

Tips to Selling your home fast!

Curb Appeal

The first thing we ask sellers to do is access their home. What I mean by this is start outside from the street and look at what buyers see when they pull up.

  1. Should the walk or driveway be cleaned?
  2. Could planting a few flowers brighten things up?



Now walk in what do you see as you enter

  1. If you see a lot of clutter clean up, remember this is the first thing buyers see when they walk in
  2. Do you have too much furniture? If you will not be taking some of the furniture with you when you move, this is a good time to call your favorite charity and have them remove the items.
  3. What do you smell? A light air freshener near the entry way is a good idea.


Walk through

Take paper and a pencil with you or you can use some blue painter’s tape (it removes easily and does not peal any paint) to mark items that you could easily fix yourself such as:

  1. Are your Kitchen or bathroom Cabinets missing handles? Replace them
  2. Could a little touch up paint help?
  3. Any lights out? Replace them.


Closets always look larger with less items in them. If you notice on all the organizational shows when they redo the closets, they only put about half the items back in. You should do the same. Get a few boxes and pack up some items you probably will not use before you move.  Make the boxes well so in case you need to get to something it’s easy.


Put away any items on the counter tops that you do not use everyday. It will make your kitchen look more spacious.

Light it up

Homes show better when they are light and bright, open curtins and blinds. Turn on lights. You will notice on design shows when they show the after pictures...all the lights are on.

Papers and bills laying around

Get a small box (bankers box) and put all the bills and papers in it. Keep the box handy in a closet so you can get to it as needed. The more personal items in your house, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there

Ready to Show and Sell

Your house needs to be ready to show at all times – you never know when your buyer is going to walk through the door. Don’t leave dishes in the sink make the beds It’s a little inconvenient but it will pay off.  I know a lot of sellers think they buyer can come another day, but if they can’t see your home it’s like it’s not on the market. Especially if there are a lot of homes on the market in your area.