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Welcome to Fort Lauderdale Real Estate within Broward County Florida. Immediately view homes and condos for sale within individual communities by choosing your desired neighborhood below or search all Fort Lauderdale homes. Whether you are looking for single family homes, townhomes, condos, or villas within gated or non-gated communities with ocean or Intracoastal Waterway views , this city certainly has what you are looking for. Close to all that South Florida has to offer and fantastic South Florida Beaches.

Fort Lauderdale is named for a series of forts built under the command of an officer during the the mid 1800s. Although the forts were abandoned shortly thereafter Fort Lauderdale homes for sale has lived up to its historical origin by guarding some of the best properties in the southeastern part of this country. Fort Lauderdale real estate is so highly sought after because of various factors. Certainly the recreational aspects of Fort Lauderdale homes for sale and surrounding areas makes it appealing. The devotion to a higher level of achievement by means of the school system and other educational institutions is another appealing factor. The strength of the economy amidst Fort Lauderdale real estate is one more contributing factor to making this city everything that it has become.

For decades Fort Lauderdale real estate has drawn tourists and vacationers in the millions annually. Once, Fort Lauderdale homes for sale saw an influx of students arriving for spring break. However, the city has worked diligently on trying to reduce its image as a popular spot for this occasion. Instead, Fort Lauderdale has sought a more sophisticated visitor and has been successful in attracting the more affluent. The upscale restaurants, trendy shopping boutiques and a concentrated effort to expand cultural attractions has aided in this venture. Fort Lauderdale has a wide choice of sporting events to attend. It also supports the performing arts through a variety of venues. There are annual music festivals and the wonderful outdoors if all else fails.

The Broward County Public School System serves the residents of Fort Lauderdale real estate by operating 23 public schools within the city. There are also private sectors, religious affiliations and alternative tracts to supplement the public school system. This school system takes on its enormous job of supplying quality education with a vigorous commitment to student success. There are several recognized schools at different levels that have earned ranks of distinction for achieving this rigorous goal. The academic pathway also leads to an assortment of higher education institutions within close proximity to Fort Lauderdale real estate. All of these systems also provide economic support in the metropolitan area.

The economy is not only strengthened by the educational arena but by a concentrated effort of government officials, business leaders and community involvement. The healthcare facilities that serve Fort Lauderdale real estate owners are a part of this effort. Broward Health is the third largest hospital consortium in the United States and is just one of the many hospitals in the area. The hospitals work in providing health care, research and training to the community. Transportation projects and services also contribute to the economy of this region through airports, railways, ports and other technological projects like a new electric street car system. Tourism also is a major factor in the economy.

The Fort Lauderdale real estate market has seen its share of swings. However, the sheer size of the area allows for buyers to find something in their style, budget and location. Fort Lauderdale homes offer a wide spectrum of selections from waterfront homes to secluded cottages. The market also is prime for investment opportunities.

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