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Boca Raton real estate is found in Palm Beach County Florida. It is within the boundaries of the South Florida metropolitan area. Being in these areas adds to the attractiveness of Boca Raton homes for sale. The actual city is the second largest within the county. This city is also known for its lavish surroundings and lifestyles. However, there is much more to Boca Raton. The residents of this city are privy to all the amenities of the South Florida metropolitan area as well as what is offered within the city limits. Boca Raton real estate has a wonderful school system, a strong economy, plenty of activities and an exclusive housing market.

The school system that provides services to the owners and families of Boca Raton real estate is one of the top systems in the state of Florida. The academic success of this school system is evident in the performance levels of the public schools themselves. There is also a dedicated effort to developing the students into productive citizens and a strong work force for the future. The public schools are not the only choice in Boca Raton, Florida. The residents of  this city have the choice of several noteworthy private schools. There is also the Alexander D. Henderson University School. This school is run through the Florida Atlantic University, College of Education. This school is a public school and students are selected through a lottery. There are also a number of institutions for higher learning in and around Boca Raton properties.

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Palm Beach State College
  • Lynn University
  • Digital Media Arts College
  • Everglades University

The economy of Boca Raton real estate  is strong and stable. The allure of the greater area makes this location prime for businesses. In fact, several businesses are headquartered within Boca Raton real estate. Office Depot has its global headquarters in the city. The GEO Group is another corporation with headquarters in this city. American Media, FriendFinder Networks, Luxury Resorts and Vitacost are also based out of Boca Raton properties. The diversity of the economy is one reason for its stability as is evident through some of the larger employers.

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Boca Raton Resorts
  • Office Depot
  • Boca Raton Regional Hospital
  • The Continental Group
  • IBM

Tourism also plays a key role in the economy.

The points of interest amidst Boca Raton homes for sale are not just for tourists. Plenty of locals visit and revisit these sites. For instance, ther are native American burial grounds, Caldwell Theatre Company, Red Reef Park and Gumbo Limbo to name just a few. The beaches of Boca Raton and the waterways intertwined through Boca Raton homes for sale provide plenty of enjoyment. There are world renowned sporting attractions and a wide array of excellent shopping and dining experiences.

The Boca Raton real estate market is filled with choices. There are elegant waterfront homes and newly built condominiums. There are quiet family friendly neighborhoods and pristine golf communities. There are historically charming houses and properties in need of renovations. There is something for everyone.

This city is a world wide destination that Boca Raton real estate owners have the luxury of calling home. Contact our real estate agents today to help you, with our expertise on this area, become one of the many who reside in this amazing city.